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Register an Animal

You may register cattle either online or print a registration form and return it to the office.

To register cattle online, you must have access to online services. You will get this by setting up a log in with the ASA office. Once logged in, follow the prompted steps to register the animal.

To register animals with paper registration forms, choose from either a multiple animal registration application or single animal registration application. Print as many forms as needed and return to the ASA office via email, mail or fax.

A few things to remember when registering cattle:

  • Online Registration:
    • Dam and sire must have an ASA registration number.
    • Do not enter the given letter in front of the six-digit registration number. For example no P or S.
  • If you get an error on your registration submission, you will not be able to completely submit it. One must fix the error first. Errors are in red, warnings are in greed and are override-able.
  • All animals must have a birth date, horn status (H, P, S), color, and service details. This holds true for registered animals AND non-registered animals.
  • Only Fullblood and Purebred calves need an A.I. Certificate, from a non-owned sire.
  • Who ever owns the dam at the time the calf is born, must register the calf and the transfer to the new owner if applicable