Unmatched Versatility

What is an Optimizer?

The American Salers Association “Optimizer” Registry is a specific extension of the ASA Composite Registry Program. Optimizers offer commercial cattlemen a means to manage percent blood in their cowherds through the use of documented, seedstock quality composites complete with EPDs. Cattle from ¼ to less than ¾ Salers ancestry fit the program, and all have performance data.


  • Cattle from 12.5% to less than 75% Salers ancestry fit the program.
  • Both parents must be registered in their respective breed association.
  • All registered Optimizer animals must have reported performance data.
  • A purebred Optimizer will consist of 5/8 Salers.


When it comes to mothering ability, the Salers cross female is unmatched. As any rancher with Salers cross will tell you, the females go from a teenager to a mother overnight. It’s normal to see new calves up and nursing in ten minutes, regardless of the weather. Hot to bitter cold – the calves are hardy and ready to get up with they hit the ground. A live calf is where your profit starts.


The key to breeding Optimizer composites is starting from complimentary maternal breeds. This creates a composite that takes advantage of heterosis, and also produces a predictable, efficient, productive, cross-bred replacement female. Regardless of the cross – Angus, Hereford-Baldy, Red Angus or others – Salers will compliment their maternal ability to improve milk, calving ease and fertility. As an example, with Angus, in addition to the traits the breeds have in common, they compliment each other with the Angus providing extra fleshing ability and the Salers adding udder quality and increased growth for heavier weaning weights. Just one reason the Salers-Angus cross female is one of the most efficient and productive commercial cows in the industry.


Utilize the superior genetics in the purebred line and combine them to make crossbreds. Then use hybrid or purebred genetics and plan crossbreeding systems to perpetuate the hybrid vigor and still take advantage of the additive effect of the superior genetics with documented EPDs.