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50K Genotype Project

In September of 2014, the ASA Board of Directors approved ASA’s entry into the genomic field by initiating the establishment of the 1,000 sire training population. The population is based on progeny proven sires and should represent the sires of females in the Salers database. The database should give ASA the ability to develop a Salers specific panel to improve the accuracy of EPD values on especially young bulls and females.

The project will require complete participation by ASA breeders to accomplish our goal. The ASA Foundation is asking Salers breeders to submit DNA samples on their herd sires as well as other high accuracy sire used previously.

Results of the project will benefit all Salers Purebred producers and commercial producers alike by allowing more accurate performance estimations at an earlier age. This type of technology especially assists those producers with smaller contemporary groups develop higher accuracy values earlier.