Unmatched Versatility

Why Use Salers?

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Salers Genetics

  1. Calving Ease –  Dystocia is a leading cause of calf death.  Calving ease of Salers is well documented by extensive research.  Increase your profitability with more live Salers calves.
  2. Calf Vigor –  New research has proven that a vigorous calf that nurses immediately will maintain a health advantage from birth to feedlot.
  3. Maternal and Reproduction Performance –  Salers cattle have astonishing reproductive ability.  Salers cows excel in maternal values such as milk and mothering of their calves.
  4. Disposition –  Salers breeders are committed to producing quiet and easy-to-handle breeding stock.
  5. Hybrid Vigor –  By introducing Salers genetics into your herd, heterosis can result in a 15% improvement of performance, improving your herd’s profitability.
  6. More Marketable Pounds – With more live calves, better performance and feedlot conversion, your Salers calves will provide you with greater profits.
  7. Carcass Values –  Salers carcasses have proven to produce more yield and inherent ability to marble.  Over the years, the breed has dominated carcass quality competitions.
  8. Marketing Options –  Whether you are selling replacement females, breeding bulls or marketing steers to feedlots, the Salers breed provides growth, maternal and carcass qualities.
  9. Bulls – Salers bulls are known as being aggressive breeders, getting their cows bred regardless of the terrain or conditions thereby providing excellent conception rates.
  10. Herd Health – Simply put, with all the reasons to use Salers cattle, you’ll save time, money, labor, and vet bills.