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Sire Summary

The 2014 SIRE Summary and Trait Leader listings can be reviewed here.
Due to the size of the Sire Summary, it is broken down into sections - making it easier to find and download the information you are looking for.

Click on the green link.

2014 Sire Summary DEFINITIONS - six pages to help you understand the lists.(6 pages)

2014 PERCENTILE Charts(4 pages) All Sires, All Dams, All Non-parents, Animals born in 2012.

2014 Main List, Trait Leaders (includes Balanced and carcass) (25 pages)

2014 Trait Leader Listing  Balanced and Genetic Indicators (14 pages)

2014 Genetic Indicator Sires   (9 pages)

2014 Optimizer Main Sire Listing (5 pages)

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