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A Press Release with results of the 2011 American Royal Salers & Optimizer Show has been distributed to 80 regional and national publication contact addresses that we have on file.

At times these press releases may get lost or buried and may not reach your local news outlets.  We strongly urge Salers breeders to contact their local newspaper and magazine editors and personally request that our Salers-related news receives their attention.  Personal contact will often persuade editors to cover stories of local interest.

Please feel free to forward the attached press release to your local news representatives. It is attached as an MSWord document and is also printed below this message for easy reference.  Also please note that we can provide photos of all of the Grand and Reserve Champion event winners mentioned in the first section of the press release and will respond promptly to any requests for these.


2011 American Royal - Salers and Optimizer Show

Salers Show Judge: Kevin Jensen, Courtland, Kan.

Twenty Five Salers breeders from nine States paraded their best genetics at the American Royal Salers Livestock Show, Kansas City, Mo., October 21, 2011.

Grand Champion Salers Female went to 3D Ms Fiona, earlier named Junior Champion heifer, born March 10, 2010, sired by 3D Pld Blk Power On and owned by Breanna Duncan, Marlow, Okla.

Reserve Champion Salers Female: GGT P Bk Sunrise 174X, earlier named Senior Champion Heifer, a January 16, 2010 daughter of AP polled Genesis XZ64F, owned by Ashley Nicole Salyers, Billings, Mo.

Grand Champion Optimizer Heifer was GGT Fergie 56Y, a January 5, 2011 heifer sired by Connealy Final Product, owned by GG&T Land and Cattle Co., Quinter, Kan.   

Taking home Reserve Grand Champion Optimizer Heifer was GGT Enchanted 26X, a January 3, 2010, heifer sired by Connealy Thunder and owned by Kylie Werth, Quinter, Kan. Grand Champion Salers Bull went to GGT P Blk Enclave 279X, earlier named Junior Champion Bull, a February 6, 2010, bull, owned by GG&T Cattle Co, Quinter, Kan., and Larry & Linda Wright, Isabella, Okla., and sired by GGT P Blk Predator 223N.

Reserve Champion Salers Bull went to LLMB 157W, earlier named Senior Champion Bull, a January 10, 2009, bull sired by GGT P Blk Heavy Hitter, owned by L & B Salers, Gove, Kan.  That Farm, Camp, Ark., took Grand Champion Optimizer Bull, with That’s Yes Man 99Y, a February 1, 2011, bull, sired by G A R Integrity, owned by THAT Farm, Camp, Ark..

(Photos are available for all of the above show winners. Send an email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Additional Division Results

Spring Heifer Calf Champion: ZBR Rita’s Rose 076Y born March 15, 2011, daughter of JCGC Umpire 832U, owned by Z7 Bar Ranch LLC, Tulsa, Okla. 

Reserve Spring Heifer Calf Champion: MZ Pld Ysabelle 421Y, born March 2, 2011, a daughter of DJF Whiskey River 9006W, owned by Miranda Zumbehl New Bloomfield, Mo.

Champion Junior Heifer Calf: ZBR Two Timin Gal 012Y, born January 28, 2011, a daughter of S Nebraska 330N, owned by Z7 Bar Ranch LLC, Tulsa, Okla.

Reserve Junior Heifer Calf Champion: GGT P Bk Selena 18Y, born January 2, 2011, sired by GGT P Blk Predator 223N and owned by GG& T Land and Cattle Co., Quinter, Kan.

Senior Heifer Calf Champion: DJF Miss 03X, born September 5, 2010, daughter DJF Rolen 5002N, owned by Silver Spur Salers, Maryville, Mo.

Reserve Senior Heifer Calf Champion: GGT P Bk Twilight 576X, born August 17, 2010, sired by GGT P Blk Trifecta 383L and owned by Connor Rose, Apache, Okla..

Reserve Junior Champion Heifer: STP DJG Olivia, an April 5, 2010 heifer sired by RJA Black Sambo 603S, owned by Ray or Donna Albert, Louisville Neb.  

Reserve Senior Champion Heifer: ETC Fasination 107X, a January 26, 2010 daughter of JSR Jamaca 855U, owned by /T Cattle Co., Kansas City, Kan., and /T Cattle Co., Osage City, Kan.

Spring Bull Calf Champion: RKB Wild Wheel 02Y, born March 15, 2011, sired by OPP Wheelhouse 945W and owned by /T Cattle Company, Kansas City, Kan.  

Reserve Spring Bull Champion: MZ Pld Yahtzee 253Y, a March 7, 2011 bull, sired by DJF Whiskey River 9006W and owned by Miranda Zumbehl, New Bloomfield, Mo.

Junior Bull Calf Champion: DJF York 498Y, born February 3, 2011, sired by MAC Topeka 159T, owned by Silver Spur Salers, Maryville, Mo.

Reserve Junior Bull Calf Champion: LMB York 128Y, born February 22, 2011, a TSB Notorious 71U offspring, owned by Jeremy Brink, Fremont, Iowa.

Senior Bull Calf Champion: That’s Campbell Extra, an October 2, 2010 bull sired by THAT Pld Blk Cambell 40U, owned by THAT Farm, Camp, Ark.  

Reserve Junior Champion Bull: BANJ Bakerfield 108X, born March 12, 2010 son of PCSL Spark, owned by Banjo Cattle Company, Bakersfield, Calif.


Junior Get-of-Sire: DJF Whiskey River 9006W, Silver Spur Salers, Maryville, Mo.

Produce-of-Dam: JGCG Two Timin 770T, Z7 Bar Ranch LLC, Tulsa, Okla. and THAT Farm, Camp, Ark.  

Best Five Head: GG&T Land and Cattle Co., Quinter, Kan.

Premier Breeder: GG&T Land and Cattle Co.

Premier Exhibitor: /T Cattle Company Osage City, Kan.


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