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Auction Sale or Private Treaty Sale – Sale Catalog Listing On-Line


Buyers throughout the world can now access information on livestock for sale.  All pedigree, performance and physical characteristics are just a click away.  With three simple pieces of information you can be well underway to listing cattle available for sale.  Sale information includes complete searchable pedigrees and complete EPD listings.  Seller has the option to display animal photographs.



Step 1 – Email or mail and excel (or other) spreadsheet complete with the following information:

            Column #1 – Lot number

            Column #2 – Registration number

            Column #3 – Sale lot comments, up to 150 words


Be sure to provide sale name, sale date, sale time, and all breeder names and contact information.  If you are having a private treaty sale list the range from beginning and ending sale dates or the private treaty sale day.



Step 2 – Displaying pictures (Optional)

The ASA can display pictures of the individual sale lots or photos of any Salers animal.  The most economical means of displaying photos is to send the photos electronically.  Photos should be sent as a jpeg file.  Actual dimensions of each image depend on the proportion of the available images as follows:


Animal Pictures (small image) - maximum dimensions of 220 pixels wide by 160 pixels high.

The file name for this image should be zzzzzz.jpg, where the “z” represents the animal’

                        registration number.


Animal Pictures (large image) – maximum dimensions of 750 pixels wide by 575 pixels high. The file name must have the registration number, but with a suffix “_L” (for large).

The file name for this image should be zzzzzz_L.jpg, where the “z” represents the animal’s registration number.



Step 3 – Displaying Breeder Logo (Optional)

Logos can be displayed for your account as a Logo Ad for only $25 per year (if received electronically). It is recommended that the logo you submit only contains basic graphic elements such as initials, brands, etc. If you subscribe to the Logo Advertising, your logo will show on the animal details page of every animal you own that is encountered in a search.

The image file for your Logo should be no bigger than 110 pixels in height or width.  A gif image is the most suitable file type to use.

The file name for this image should be memb_xxxxxxx_logo.gif, where the “x” represents your member number.




A $75 set-up fee for manual entries will be waived for electronic entries*.  $2.00 per lot (electronic) or $5.00 per lot (manual entry).  Inclusion of photos: extra $3.00 per lot (electronic) or extra $5.00 per lot if image scanning is required.

Logo display - $25.00 per year – allows breeder logo to show up on every breeder owned animal.


* For electronic entry rates to apply, all sales details (Lot#, registration number, sale notes, photos) must be provided in compatible format (e.g. MS Excel) via email or CD.



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