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ASA Foundation


American Salers Foundation

Research and Education...are keys to our future

The American Salers Foundation was established in 1986 to help fund research, educational programs and youth projects for the betterment of the Salers breed, Salers breeders and the entire beef industry. The Board of Trustees, an eleven member committee, who are also members of the Board of Directors for the American Salers Association, administer foundation funds.

Funds for this portion of the foundation support and improve programs and activities for the young men and women involved in the American Salers Junior Association (ASJA).
Scholarships award youth interested in pursuing studies in the agricultural field. Scholarships include: ASA Foundation, Missouri State, Colorado State, and the Frank Gamble Scholarship.

Scholarship applications can be found under the ASJA page.

After characterizing the Salers breed through research, it is important that information reach Salers breeders, universities, extension services and the media. Education allows for the understanding of what characteristics are unique to Salers cattle and what the breed can contribute to today's beef cattle industry. Research and education help Salers breeders promote superior qualities and improve in other areas to continue the advancement of the breed.

Recent Accomplishments

Research Projects

An important factor in understanding the application and value of research is gained through cooperation between recognized research stations, universities and the American Salers Association. Areas of specific value and interest to
Salers breeders include:
    • Recognition and identification of Salers carcass traits
    • Identification of specific performance areas when compared with other         

    • Documenting the maternal characteristics of the breed
    • Establishing through documentation that the Salers breed is a competitor in
      today's industry

Foundation History

Montana State University
    • Grazing Distribution Project
    • Validation of Within-Breed and Across-Breed EPDs for Production Traits
    • Comparison of Salers, Angus, Charolais and Piedmontese Sires for               
       Production Traits in a Commercial Cow Herd

    • Comparison of Salers, Angus, Charolais and Piedmontese Sires Calves for
       Feedlot and Carcass Characteristics
    • Comparison of Maternal Characteristics of F1 Salers, Angus, Charolais and
       Piedmontese Females in a Commercial Cow Herd

Colorado State University
    • Characterization of Salers Sires for Carcass Traits
    • Relationship Between Different Measures of Tenderness
    • Stayability EPD Analysis
    • Disposition EPD

Oklahoma State University
    • Evaluation of Salers in a Commercial Cow Herd
    • Evaluation of Salers and Limousin as Terminal Cross Sires
    • Comparing the Calving Ease Among Breeds

Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit – Agricultural Breeders Research Institute
    • Evaluation of Salers in a Multi-breed EPD System

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