Salers Belles


2015 Salers Belles Officers (L to R) Director- Dena Valentine, Historian-Rhonda Maze, Director- Jessica Street, Treasurer- Linda Conatser, Secretary-Lisa Dixon, President Elect- Sara Street, President-Jessie Jacobi, Vice President-Crystal Graves, Director- Paulette Lingle , Past President- Liz Salyers.

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Founded in 1984, the Salers Belles is a group of ladies who are associated with the beef industry, specifically the Salers breed of cattle. Dedicated to promoting the Salers breed to the commercial and seed stock producers, educating the public, consumers and our future leaders of the Salers breed by supporting our youth organization, the American Salers Junior Association, and promoting Salers beef. We work side by side with the American Salers Association.

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