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For the last two years Rowell Cattle Company of Ninnekah, Oklahoma has been collecting carcass data on their Optimizer steers and heifers and are seeing tremendous results. The cattle Rowell sent out were out of Optimizer cows and a mix of Salers and Hereford bulls. Born in February and March, the steers and heifers were shipped out in the middle of December and harvested in May. The steers were on feed for 154 days while the heifers finished in 176 days and both groups. “I really want these cattle to marble well without having any 4 and 5 yield grades. And they did just that,” said Rowell. The steers gained 3.4 a day with a tremendous feed conversion of 5.8. The heifers gained right under 3 pounds a day and killed tremendous. Right at half the heifer load had over a 15.5 square inch ribeye while still grading choice! “These cattle hit it out of the ball park,” said Rowell! The cost of gain on the steers was 68 cents a pound while the heifers were 72 cents a pound. Multiple steers and heifers hit the CAB mark. In addition, Rowell Cattle Company has been scanning just about everything in production on the place in Ninnekah the last couple of years. “It is all about the numbers, that is where it’s at,” Rowell said. “My goal is to be able to identify all the cattle that have the ability to gain, but still grade really well. That is what I am striving to get,” said Rowell.

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