Carcass Excellence – GG&T Ranch

Premiums to be Had Feeding Salers & Optimizer Cattle!

The GG&T Ranch of Quinter, Kansas understand the importance of carcass traits when raising beef cattle. Gary Werth said, “They are awfully good premiums to be made if a guy is willing to feed for it.” Typically, the Werth family has fed out and harvested approximately 100 head a year and have seen tremendous results. Any cull bulls are cut at weaning and put in the feeder pen. These cattle have been a mix of Salers, Optimizer, and Angus. “We have seen 40% of our cattle grading prime while the rest have hit choice with multiple steers making CAB,” said Werth. These Salers and Optimizer cattle are doing so well that this year they are targeting 200 head to feed out and harvest. The Werth’s have also started feeding out any cull and open cows. “These Salers cattle do an excellent job. We feed a high energy diet with free choice hay, pushing them to a live weight between 1250 and 1400 pounds. We have found these cattle can handle the extra weight while still having a lower numerical yield grade,” Werth said. The Werth family says they have always paid attention to carcass data, but as of late are giving it extra emphasis. Werth said, “With Salers cattle a guy gets the maternal side anyway, so why not!”

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