2017 National Salers Tour

We are very excited to have the 2017 National Salers Tour here in the central part of Virginia. Although we are few in breeder numbers, we are big in Salers Cattle in our state.

We have a great itinerary for you to see some quality Salers cattle and to view a few of the many historical sites near our farms. Virginia is just chock full of history that was part of the bedrock in the founding of this great nation. The state of Virginia has embraced more than half of the battlefield tragedies during the Civil War and has a small town who gave many human sacrifices during WWII. And even through all of that, this state still provided the country’s leadership with eight United States Presidents born within its border.

We hope you come to our part of the world to enjoy the many historical facets within the state of Virginia that some just read about. A special feature of this tour will be a very well know historian of this area. He will be narrating the many aspects of our historical country-side as we ride the bus from one site to the next. You will be entertained and learn much as we go down the road.

We are saddened, however, that you may be here for only a short time and only get a taste of our history and Salers Cattle. Perhaps you can extend your stay and see much more but, if not, then we hope you leave with a smile on your face and a spot in your heart for our Southern Hospitality.

The Slusher and Brockman Families

For a full schedule, hotel information and registration form, visit –

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