2016 National Salers Tour

Seeing the Value of Salers in North Dakota

Salers breeders from 12 different states and Canada participated in the 2016 National Salers Tour. Over 90 breeders traveled through North Dakota, visiting six ranches and two historic sites between September 16 and 18.

Salers 2016 National Tour

The tour kicked-off on Friday evening with the Salers Genetic Value Summit. The evening provided participants the opportunity to hear from a panel of Commercial Producers: Aaron Jacobson – Noonan, North Dakota; Peter Larson – Sheyenne, North Dakota; and Kevin Strobel – Kulm, North Dakota.

We then heard from Dr. Kris Ringwall, Director – Dickinson Research Extension Center on the Value of the Female. The night ended with Dr. Matt Spangler, Associate Professor of Animal Science/ Extension Beef Genetic Specialist – University of Nebraska discussing the Ultilization of Genomic Data in your Cowherd.

MacDonald Ranches, Bismarck, N.D. and Elm Creek Ranch, Hebron, N.D. started out the cattle stops on the first section of the tour. The day was beautiful to view Salers and Optimizer cattle and to enjoy fellowship with other Salers breeders.

History enthusiasts enjoyed visiting the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame and historic Medora, with breathtaking views of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. During these stops the group learned more about the history of Native Americans and the western lifestyle on the northern plains.

Picturesque landscape started another cattle tour day as the group looked at the cattle from RAO Salers, Williston, N.D.; Effertz Key Ranch, Velva, N.D.; Feist Salers, Velva, N.D.; and Bodine’s 9th Ave. Cattle Company, Voltaire, N.D.

The tour ended with the Level Above the Clouds Foundation Female Sale, held at Bodine’s 9th Ave. Cattle Company. Six Salers breeders donated females with the proceeds going to the American Salers Foundation. The sale grossed $21,750, with the females selling for an average of $3,625.

Lot 1 – MAC Danie Ann, consigned by MacDonald Ranches, Bismarck, N.D. Sold for $3,250 to Tom Larson, Kearney, Neb.

Lot 2 – ECR Pld Lady 25D of 56T, consigned by Elm Creek Ranch, Hebron, N.D. Sold for $4,250 to Elm Creek Ranch, Hebron, Neb.

Lot 3 – TSB Darla 177D, consigned by TB Salers, Dante, S.D. Sold for $3,250 to Rowell Cattle Company, Ninnekah, Okla.

Lot 4 – Miss Key Gold 145D consigned by Effertz Key Ranch, Velva, N.D. Sold for $2,750 to Eian Wolf, Buhl, Idaho.

Lot 5 – NJF Danielle 601D consigned by Feist Salers Ranch, Velva, N.D. Sold for $3,750 to Billy Brockman, Piney River, Vir.

Lot 6 – Bodines Ms Foundtion 676D consigned by Bodine’s 9th Ave. Cattle Company, Voltaire, N.D. Sold for $4,500 to Southern Eagle Ranch, Evington, Vir.

The trip provided a great opportunity to meet Salers breeders from across the country and allowed sharing thoughts and ideas for the growth and promotion of Salers cattle. We look forward to seeing everyone for the 2017 National Salers Tour.


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